Building UX Labs

We specialise in creating and supporting UX Labs.

We help companies with designing, building, managing, and updating UX Research infrastructure and Design spaces. 

We have over over 10yrs experience in building spaces for User Research & Design work.

We’ve conducted more than 1000 user research studies of various types all over the world, and have designed and built more than 100 UX and Marketing research labs (and design centres) in the UK, Europe, US, Japan, Switzerland, Russia, China and other countries.

All of our labs are built around UX Lab-in-a-box – our platform for in-person user research. This allows us to build reliable, powerful labs that meet the needs of research teams to perform a wide range of research methodologies simply, quickly, and reliably.

Whilst working for Google we built all UX labs and research and design infrastructure for the company.

Since 2016, we have been doing the same for other companies.

Building UX Labs is a complex project and we have expertise in all necessary areas:

We support the full end-to-end Lab design & construction process

  • Translating requirements from the Research team into technical specifications for Labs
  • Working with the construction team
  • Designing Audio-visual systems
  • Supervising the AV and IT installation
  • Customising the layout of the lab to support all research methodologies
  • Checking and providing recommendations on soundproofing and acoustics
  • Recommending on the lighting system to avoid issues with video recording and to reduce fatigue
  • Advising on or providing specialised furniture to make the lab customisable and multifunctional
  • Recommending solutions for privacy and GDPR compliance

Full UX Lab support and maintenance

  • Regular training for UX Researchers
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance of all installed technology
  • Providing spare components for quick swapping. We know what breaks most often and we provide spare elements to help researches quickly fix and continue their study.
  • Ticketing system. We can either integrate it with the existing ticketing system in the company. Or you can use it for all your ResearchOps tasks.

If you would like to discuss building UX Labs, or anything related to technology and infrastructure for UX,
feel free to contact us or to schedule time:

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