UX Lab-in-a-box

Designed and built by ex-Google UX Researchers, UX Lab-in-a-box is a platform for in-person qualitative research.

Highly adaptable, the system can easily switch between usability studies in desktop, mobile, paper prototype, and many other research types & methodologies.

The system is moveable, meaning your lab cam move with your team – to a new office, or to a client location.

This hugely reduces the cost of ownership over time.

User Study

Usability Testing

Focus Group

Market Research



Video Conference

Design Sprint

Researchers deserve better technology

Most UX Labs do not meet researcher’s needs.

They are built by keen amateurs who try their best.

Your research deserves better.

“Traditional” labs

> Slow to design & install

> Difficult to use

> All labs are different

> “Clumsy” technology

UX Lab-in-a-box

> An existing, off-the-shelf system

> Built using user-centred principles

> Every lab can be built exactly the same

> State-of-the art research platform

A platform for qualitative research

The system forms the centrepiece of UX Labs, Design centres, and any space where research or design work is to be conducted.


& Intuitive

  • Designed by User researchers
  • Built using user-centred design principles


& VC

  • Compatible with all Video Conference & Streaming technologies


& Privacy

  • Trusted by private and public organisations around the world
  • “Privacy by design”
  • Several operating modes to match your organisation’s policies and risk level