Our Team


Konstantin Samoylov

Kostya has worked as a UX Researcher since 1999, and has taught UX Research at Universities across Russia.

Throughout his career, Kostya has conducted more than 1000 research sessions in the UK, US, Switzerland, Russia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and other countries.

He worked for Google as a UX Researcher for 7 years, focusing on:

  • Android
  • Search
  • Emerging Markets
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Voice

Whilst at Google, he received several awards for excellence in innovation in UX Research.

He was the elected head of the Russian ACM CHI chapter, 2006 – 2007.

He has organised several UX conferences – including:

  • ACM CHI Russia (Moscow, 2007)
  • UX conference for the press (2007)
  • UX day at the Corp Communications conference (Moscow, 2005)

In his free time he likes reading while traveling, reading in pubs, and just reading. And he loves London.


All our systems are designed and built fully in-house by our highly-skilled staff.

Installation and maintenance is handled both by our own staff and by specially-trained external staff where appropriate.


All software is built and maintained in-house by our team of software and firmware engineers.